100 Year Old Man Still Loves His Office Job

Category: Society / Jan 31, 2013 11:59AM EDT
At 100 years old one would presume you were in retirement. But not Jim Clements: A former engineer at the age of 66 he became bored and took a new job with Harlow security firm and is still there 34 years later. "Well I got so bored at home, the wife said 'for God's sake go out and get a little job'. So she was looking in the paper and this was advertised, you know, just a little job. So of course, we were going on holiday the next week; however, I got in the car and came up and saw the team. And Stewart, who used to be here, I don't know whether he has retired or not now Stewart, they interviewed me and said 'yes, we'll take you on a month's trial'. I said that I was going on holiday . . . that's quite alright we'll wait until you come back. So when I came back I came up and I've been here ever since." Clements enjoys his work and does not want to retire anytime soon. He is also a great grandfather who loves to garden. His co-workers speak fondly of the man who still works with the same eagerness as when he begun with the company 34 years ago: “Oh he's lovely, he's such a lovely kind... would do anything for anybody, really nice guy. And we're like a family to him, we're like an extended family, we've always looked out for him." Video Courtesy Of Reuters