12 Year Old Arrested After Stabbing 8 Year Old Sister To Death

Category: Media & Culture / May 13, 2013 9:46AM EDT


A 12 year old boy has been arrested after stabbing his 8 year old sister to death in California. This happened last month, and Police at the time were looking for a home intruder, as the boy told authorities a man had stabbed his sister after breaking into their home while their parents were out. Gary Kuntz from the County Sheriff Department commented on the arrest:

"At 5:10 pm detectives arrested Leila's 12-year old brother at the Valley Spring's substation on charges of homicide."

The two siblings were alone at the time of Leila Fowler’s death. The boy called 911and his parents, shortly before his sister was rushed to hospital where she was announced as dead.

California Law allows children as young as 14 to be tried as an adult. If convicted he could be in jail till he is 25 years old.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters