19 Year Old College Student Stuck Between 2 Buildings In NYC: How The NYU Student Was Rescued

Category: Media & Culture / Nov 04, 2013 11:19AM EDT

The biggest concern for your average college student is how to pull a all-nighter to finish that paper or pass their finals, but this was not the case for a 19 year old student in Manhattan who on Sunday was stuck between two walls.

The NYU student whose name is yet to be released became trapped between the narrow space located between the university’s dorm and a parking garage.

Firefighters were on the scene to assist in the rescue and help save the terrified student. The rescue operation took over an hour as the firefighters had to break through the wall of the garage to free the teenager.

Lucky for this student they will make a full recovery and return to their usual concerns of papers and exams. A full investigation into the incident will now take place, although initial reports suggest that the student probably fell from a window or a rooftop.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters