2013: A Year In Review For Video Games

Category: Technology / Dec 17, 2013 10:20AM EDT

The Round Table takes a group of IBT writers and throws them together to cover current events.

This time it’s Vincent Balestriere and Abigail Elise sitting down to talk about what happened this year in gaming.

Of course, the biggest story is the launch of two new consoles - the PlayStation4 and Xbox One. Both have sold over two million units already in less than a month, showing promise that sales will be strong for Sony and Microsoft’s next generation though their current generation is still going.

We also made our picks for game of the year: Abigail chose ‘The Last of Us,’ while I reluctantly selected ‘GTAV.’ Head over here to see my elaborated thoughts on the video game industry.

Abigail believes we’ll be talking exclusively of the PS4 and XB1 this time next year, but I remain unconvinced that the WiiU is out of the fight.

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