$2.6 Million Necklace Stolen: Cannes Hit By Second Jewelry Theft

Category: Media & Culture / May 24, 2013 2:37PM EDT


The Cannes Film Festival has been struck by another major theft, this time a diamond necklace worth $2.6 million. The theft happened during a star studded party according to jeweler De Grisogono:

"Well we were giving a party that night for all of our best clients and friends and there was a defile (fashion show), we had 20 models showing... wearing the collection of jewelry we did and when the defile was over the models went to the room and took off all the jewelry and put it on the table and there we had something like 80 bodyguards from our side, there was the police from the municipality of the region and we had all the security of the hotel itself plus our own staff."

It is alleged by the famed jeweler that 80 bodyguards. Local police and staff had been on duty when it was discovered that the expensive necklace was missing. No one from the police was available to comment.

The Cannes Film Festival is a chance for high end pieces and clothing to be worn and showcased on the red carpets by some of the most high profile and glamorous people in the industry. The photographs are probably one of the highest forms of advertisement for these high end luxury labels.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters