3 Killed In Indiana Bus Crash

Category: Media & Culture / Jul 29, 2013 8:34AM EDT

A bus crash in Indianapolis on Saturday is responsible for killing three people after allegedly the brakes had malfunctioned. Duane Lloyd a witness to the tragedy recalled the moment the driver became aware that the brakes had failed:

"Light turned green... I went through it like you're supposed to... and just as I went through I heard a skid... And I hesitated for a moment and I stopped and I began to look back and I hear the impact... and then I realize something went behind me, and I stopped, and I see this bus... in the air, and people falling out of this bus and... Yeah, it was... I could've gone my whole life without seeing that."

Dozens of ambulances were called to the scene to transport the 40 passengers to seek medical attention. Three people were killed and two others are in a critical condition.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters