3-year-old Russian Orphan Is Last To Go To America

Category: Society / Jan 23, 2013 1:24PM EDT
Little Denis is one of the last Russian orphans allowed to join his adoptive family in America after the law banning U.S. adoptions was signed by President Putin in late December. A 3-year-old boy, who was accepted to the St. Petersburg's orphanage №4 when he was 8-days-old, will now have a proper mother, father, and brother. With court's approval finally in hand, Anne Petitt from Georgia, arrived at the orphanage to take Denis home with her. Anne and her husband Philip, were delighted to learn that despite the new law that took effect on January 1, 2013, they will be able to take Denis to the U.S. The family met Denis in June 2012 and fell in love with him. "Russian people and Lithuanian people are my people. This has been a dream all my life to adopt from my country. And I'm just so very grateful for everyone that has helped in this process of getting our baby home," Petitt said. She said she respects Putin's decision but added that many American families who are waiting to bring Russian orphans to the US are devastated by it. "Well, you know, I respect your president's decision and if this is something that he feels like that he needs to do we have to respect that. As an American, you know, I am really sad because, you know, there's really good people in America that love these children and want these children," Petitt said. More than 650,000 children are considered orphans in Russia and about 110,000 of them lived in state institutions in 2011. They are only eligible for foreign adoption if repeated attempts to find them a home within the country fail.