300 Naked London Runners Streak For Endangered Sumatran Tigers

Category: Technology / Aug 16, 2013 3:23PM EDT

Runners streaking for tigers -- not your typical Thursday (August 15) night at the London Zoo but one that 300 took part in to raise money for the Zoological Society London (ZSL).

Men and women threw down their clothes and, in some cases, covered themselves in painted tiger markings for a charity run around the zoo as part of an awareness campaign by ZSL to highlight the tiny number of Sumatran tigers in the wild.

Zoological Society London Development Director, James Renley, said it was a crucial issue.

"Tigers are in such a serious condition out in the wild that we needed to come up with some great innovative ways to get people fund raising to help us in our fight against poachers and habitat loss out in Sumatra, so we had a brainstorm in the office and we come up with some ideas," he said.

"The collective name for a group of tigers is a streak, so we thought 'let's see if we can 300 people to streak around London Zoo to represent the number of tigers left in the wild', and luckily lots of people came forward and volunteered their time and got behind the fundraising and streaked for tigers," he added.

There are estimated to be as few as 400 Sumatran tigers in the wild.

In the wild, Sumatran tigers -- the smallest of six tiger subspecies -- are found only on the Indonesian island of Sumatra in lowland and mountain forests.

Habitat destruction and poaching are the main reasons for the tigers' endangerment.

Video Credit: Reuters