39,000 Year Old Woolly Mammoth Is Displayed

Category: Technology / Jul 09, 2013 8:30AM EDT

Arriving in Japan from Russia was a 39,000 year old frozen woolly mammoth where it will be displayed for a very special exhibition. The mammoth was a female measured at three meters long who was discovered three years ago, and it died when it was ten years old. The public exhibition in Japan will give people a chance to marvel at history, and an animal that no longer walks the planet.

The carcass will give experts a chance to study why the specie became extinct, and a chance to reflect on our own existence and problems facing the human race. Scientists have unsuccessfully attempted to revive mammoths using cell remains in the past.

The special exhibition begins on July 13 in Tokyo and will wrap on September 16, 2013. On-lookers now have the chance to see a beautiful creature that once roamed the earth 39,000 years ago, and this female still has fur intact.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters