4 People Are Stabbed In Violent Brawl At Chargers-Broncos Game

Category: Media & Culture / Dec 13, 2013 9:53AM EDT

4 people were stabbed in the parking lot following a Chargers-Broncos game in Denver, Colorado on Thursday. Three victims are now in hospital although none of the wounds appear to be life threatening. There is a suspected 4th victim that has yet to come forward. The incident occurred at the Sports Authority Stadium as confirmed by Sergeant Steve Warneke:



"Ok. After the game tonight at about 9.55 p.m. (MST) Denver police responded to a large fight in lot F here, just west of the stadium. Upon their arrival we've located three victims who were stabbed. We believe there is a fourth victim that has not come forward. We haven't located yet at this point. All three of those victims are the hospital. They are conscious and talking. We do have suspects in custody. A t this time we do not believe we are looking for anybody else."




Authorities have stated that the motivation of the brawl is unknown, as they will pursue several witnesses and suspects to discover what actually caused the violence. There are several suspects now in police custody.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters