5-Year Old Boy Shoots And Kills 2-Year-Old Sister With 'Youth Model' Rifle

Category: Society / May 02, 2013 3:13PM EDT
A two-year-old girl was accidentally shot and killed by her five-year-old brother with a rifle he received as a birthday gift, Kentucky authorities said on Wednesday (May 1). The shooting occurred on Tuesday afternoon (April 30) in Burkesville, Kentucky, a community in the south-central part of the state, when the boy was playing with the .22-caliber rifle and accidentally shot his sister in the chest, state police said. The child's grandmother and uncle spoke to NBC affiliate WLEX. "He just picked it up before he realized," Linda Riddle said. "It's just a tragic accident," David Mann said. The boy had received the Crickett "youth model" gun for his birthday in November, Cumberland County Coroner Gary White said. White said these guns have child safety locks, but "evidently when the gun was put up, there was a live round in it." He said no one realized the gun, which was kept in a corner, was loaded until the fatal gunshot. White said the children's mother was home cleaning the house at the time of the shooting and had come out of the kitchen to the porch to throw out some grease. Kentucky State Trooper Billy Gregory said police were investigating and it was "a little early" to talk about possible charges in connection with the shooting. Video Source: Reuters