6 Bodies Found In Cars Pulled From Oklahoma Lake: Could Solve Missing Persons Mysteries From The 1960’s-70

Category: World / Sep 18, 2013 9:40AM EDT

Coming from the depths of Foss Lake in Western Oklahoma on Tuesday were two cars: In these two cars were the skeletal remains of six people as they were discovered by accident. One of the cars, the Chevrolet could be involved with a case involving three missing teenagers who were last seen on November 20th, 1970.

The second car, also a Chevrolet could be linked to the disappearance of two men from the early 1960’s. The sixth body was later discovered Custer County sheriff Bruce People’s said he had hoped the discovery would bring relief to families who have been missing their loved ones for a long time:

"It's going to bring closure to the families when we can notify everyone who is involved in this."

Now forensics will determine who the skeletal remains are and if this discovery could in fact solve the mystery of the five people missing in two separate incidents from the 1960’s-70.

Police will not reveal the identities of the skeletons till the families have been notified. Officials have however confirmed that they have been able to identify at least one of the bodies.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters