6 Year Old Boy Trapped In Sand Dune: Doctor’s Comment On His Road To Recovery

Category: Media & Culture / Jul 15, 2013 4:13PM EDT

A six year old boy suffered a terrifying fate when he was buried in sand after a dune collapsed in Indiana last Friday. The boy is now in a Chicago hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery. Dr Tracy Koogler commented on his road to recovery which included removing sand from his lungs:


"His lungs are moderately sick at this point for an ICU (intensive care unit) patient, and I actually expect him to recover and be able to get of the ventilator and go home eventually."


"We absolutely don't think we can get every grain of sand out of his lungs, because sand is sand and we all understand when we go to the beach and we get sand in things and we find sand six months later and unfortunately we believe he's probably going to have sand in his lungs six months later as well, but we are washing out as much of the sand a we can with the daily bronchoscopes."

The boy was trapped under 11 feet of sand and it took rescue workers over three hours to dig him out. It is unclear how the hole formed near a park along Lake Michigan Friday.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters