6 Year Old Boy Whose Eyes Were Gouged Out Receives Surgery: Will He Ever See The World Again?

Category: World / Sep 10, 2013 2:28PM EDT

A six year old boy in China was a victim of a callous and inhumane act of violence just last month when he had his eyes gouged out. Found in a pool of blood it was feared that the boy will never look the same again, or have his vision restored. Police believe the perpetrator was the boy’s aunt, who was found with the boy’s blood on her clothes, she took her own life six days after the attack.

But now, the first step has been taken for the little boy to return to normalcy. On Tuesday he received implants through a successful surgery. While his appearance will be restored it is unclear if the little boy will ever see again. Doctors implanted the artificial eyes and now they have their next challenge as they investigate if he can have some of his sight restored.

The surgery on Tuesday was however a success in restoring his appearance but not his sight. The little boy’s family who were not available to talk to the media on Tuesday will not have to pay for the operation.



Video Courtesy Of Reuters