8 Year Old British Girl Shot And Killed In Jamaica

Category: World / Jan 14, 2013 10:38AM EDT
Police said a gunman entered a shop owned by the girl's cousin and started shooting after an argument broke out. Green's grandmother, Sandra Fisher , said Imani had been staying with her since December 26. She had sickle-cell anemia and had traveled to Jamaica hoping the warmer weather would help alleviate symptoms of the blood disorder. She was scheduled to return to London on January 25. Fisher said the eight year old went to the shop with her cousin, Brandese Brown. Later, she heard gunfire. "I heard the gunshots start ring out and then I called Brandese, called Imani, Brandese, Brandese, Imani, Imani. Then there was no response. Around five minutes later, I see she come in and I ask her 'where is Imani, where is Imani?'. She came down the road, peeped in the shop and said 'Imani is dead'. And I asked her how Imani dead, how Imani is to die? And she said 'Imani is dead'. And I came and peeped and saw her lying down there in a pool of blood." Three other people were injured in the shooting.