91 Feared Dead In Oklahoma: Many Children Trapped Under Ruble

Category: Media & Culture / May 21, 2013 8:22AM EDT


When tornadoes ripped through the central US Sunday evening what was left was an unimaginable mess of destruction and death: At least 91 people including 20 children are feared killed as many of the tornado victims are trapped underneath ruble.

The elementary school is of the buildings that were destroyed and many children are feared trapped or killed beneath the ruble. The signs of devastation are evident in the footage which looks like a war zone: Homes completely destroyed, street signs gone, and vehicles overturned. Many were left to look for their missing loved ones, while others contemplated the cruel aftermath of the tornadoes:

"I know she's going to be all right. God is going to keep her safe if she's in there or where she's at God's going to keep her safe and bring her home to me."

"I just couldn't see anything and it was just all loud and I could barely hear stuff."

"No doubt that God and his teacher, I mean they lifted a wall off of these kids, several kids. (reporting asking: was a wall on your son?) Uhuh. (reporter asking: is he ok?)

He's fine. He's got a little scratch on his leg."

"Living in Oklahoma and being in the military they prepare us for it, you never expect it to happen and when it does happen there's no preparing for it."

Rescuers have now begun to search through the rubble for survivors. President Obama has declared the tragedy of Oklahoma as a major disaster area.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters