Acrobatic Dog Rides Bike And Scooter

Category: Society / Dec 14, 2012 10:17AM EDT
A dog named "Duoduo" has risen to fame because he can do various acrobatics like riding bike and skating scooter in Kunming City, southwestern China's Yunnan Province. Duoduo is only two years old, but can do many acrobatics and learns very fast. When he was only five months old, he could make a bow with hands folded in front, and shake hands with people and salute. Then his owner Duan increased the difficulty of the training by teaching him jump a ring and stand on a ball. Duan did not stop teaching more difficult moves to Duoduo. Later he re-fixed a bike from two child bikes he bought, and trained Duoduo to ride it. Besides all these moves, Duoduo can also walk on his forelegs and his owner is thinking about more challenges. Guess this dog can learn new tricks