Adorable Polar Bear Cub Named Luna Makes Public Debut At Buffalo Zoo

Category: Media & Culture / Mar 04, 2013 2:41PM EDT
Three-month-old polar bear cub Luna made her public debut Saturday (March 2) at the Buffalo Zoo in Buffalo, New York. The Zoo is currently calling the bear Luna because she was born on a full moon but a naming contest is being held via Facebook that will allow the public to contribute suggestions for her formal zoo name. The Buffalo Zoo is making a push to raise the final $4 million dollars to complete funding for a new arctic exhibit which has a total cost of $18 million dollars. Zoo President Donna Fernandes hopes that the fluffy white cub will become the face of the fundraising. "We have lost our adult bears and we will lose this one if we don't move forward with that campaign," Fernandes said. Fernandes said the zoo plans to have video camera links to show visitors live footage of Luna between noon and 3:00pm est since the cub is too small to exhibit. The Buffalo Zoo said it was just one of two zoos in North America to have a polar bear birth last year. (Video Source: REUTERS)