Affleck Has The Last Laugh After Director Snub, With Argo Winning Best Picture

Category: Entertainment / Feb 25, 2013 10:24AM EDT
Iran hostage drama, Argo, based on a true story, took the Oscar’s biggest gong on Sunday, winning best picture. Ben Affleck who was snubbed for his role as director of the film took to the stage and thanked the Academy and his wife for the night’s top honor: "Thank you very, very much. I know eventually that thing is going to start to go so forgive me if this is a little bit quick. I want to acknowledge Steven Spielberg who I feel is a genius, and just a towering talent among us. I want to acknowledge the other eight films, there are eight great films that have every right - as much a right to be up here as we do - I want to acknowledge them and thank them for what they did and for many of them who didn't even get nominated this year. I want to thank, you know, I mean, Jack (UNKNOWN), and (UNKNOWN), (UNKNOWN), my brother, and mom and dad, and Patrick Whitesell, and Tony Mendez, who let us do his story. Thank you. And I just, I'm going to forget, I thank everyone in the movie, on the movie, worked on the movie, did anything with this movie, gets thanks. I want to thank Canada, I want to thank our friends in Iran living in terrible circumstances right now. I want to thank my wife, who I don't normally associate with Iran, but I want to thank you for working on our marriage for 10 Christmas', it's good, it is work, but it's the best kind of work, and there's no one I'd rather work with. And I just want to say, you know, I was here 15 years ago or something, and you know, I had no idea what I was doing. I stood out here in front of you all, really just a kid, and I went out, you know, and I never thought that I would be back here, and I am because of so many of you who are here tonight, because of this Academy, because of so many wonderful people who extended themselves to me when they had nothing to benefit from it in Hollywood, you know what I mean, I couldn't get them a job. I want to thank them, and I want to thank what they taught me, which is that you have to work harder than you think you possibly can, you can't hold grudges, it's hard, but you can't hold grudges, and it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life because that's going to happen, all that matters is that you got to get up. Violet, Sam, and Sera, I love you, this is for you." Argo won despite fierce competition from other favored films including Lincoln and Life of Pi. Video Courtesy OF Reuters