Alabama Gunman Holds 6 Year Old Hostage For Third Day

Category: Society / Jan 31, 2013 1:15PM EDT
The hostage drama continues in Alabama as the gunman who fatally shot a school bus driver on Tuesday holds a 6 year old in his underground bunker for the third day. Authorities from multiple agencies have offered few details about the standoff with the shooter. The shooting victim was a 66 year old school bus driver who died from multiple gunshot wounds. He was shot after he refused the gunman’s request to let a student off the bus. After the fatal shooting the gunman took the 6 year old kindergarten student and fled the scene. Authorities are remaining tight lipped about the hostage negotiation: The suspect and the little boy remain in his underground bunker on his property. The images show security force officers, clad in camouflage, armed with assault rifles patrolling the area. Video Courtesy Of Reuters