Alabama Hostage Drama Continues Into Seventh Day

Category: Society / Feb 04, 2013 12:45PM EDT
Alabama authorities continue to negotiate Monday after seven days of a hostage standoff between the Vietnam veteran who shot and killed school bus driver Charles Poland Jnr, and who kidnapped a five year old boy. The boy has only been identified as Ethan, and may spend his 6th birthday in the bunker if he is there on Wednesday. The boy is being held in the man’s underground bunker which is 8-foot by 6-foot. The negotiators have been able to make contact with the boy through a ventilation tube and have determined he has not been hurt. The gunman identified as Jimmy Lee Dykes boarded a school bus, where he demanded the driver release a child; when the driver refused Dykes shot and killed him, then took the boy. Charles Poland Jnr was buried on Sunday after he died from multiple gunshot wounds. Video Courtesy Of Reuters