Alert Raised As Indonesian Residents Flee From Active Volcano That Is Spewing Ash

Category: World / Nov 26, 2013 9:11AM EDT

Indonesians in Sumatra for the past three weeks have abandoned their homes for shelters as a volcano continues to escalate in terms of its activity. Sinabung is the tallest Volcano in North Sumatra and on Tuesday it continued to spew volcanic ash as the government raised the emergency alert to the highest level on Sunday.

Tuesday saw a massive eruption of nearly 300 meters where by ash and gases were seen shooting from the volcanoes crater. It is recommended that residents keep at least 5 kilometers between themselves and the volcano for their own safety.

As of Monday night almost 17,000 residents had left their homes to stay in shelters provided by the Government. Sinabung is an active volcano situated in the world’s fourth-most populated country. Lucky, most residents are now in temporary housing as the volcanoes activity continues to strengthen.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters