Is This An Alien Body….. Or Is It An Elaborate Hoax?

Category: Technology / Jun 12, 2013 8:32AM EDT

The images of what appears to be an alien are enough for the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up- but is it real?

A Chinese man with the last name of Li from the Shandong Province in China claimed this was an alien and he had stored in his freezer. The man later admitted to police that he faked the whole story and made the ‘alien’ body with rubber and elastic.

Li had created a whole story to go with his fake alien body, describing a tale where he had encountered not one but five aliens. The one in his freezer he claimed had been killed by a high voltage electric fence. The tale received a lot of attention on the internet, and at that time the police invited Li for some questioning.

An interrogation ended with Li confessing that he had made the whole thing up: Now Li is under a five day detention on charges of fabricating lies and disrupting normal social order.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters