‘American Horror Story’ Season 3 Spoilers: What Will Happen In The Nail-Biting Finale?

Category: Media & Culture / Jan 16, 2014 3:36PM EDT

Episode 11 of Coven, the third installment of ‘American Horror Story’ was full of action as it aired last night. Fiona’s thirst to maintain the Supremacy is highlighted as we see just how far the Axeman will go to prove his love. But will she give up the Coven in exchange for him, giving up the Axe?

Moving into Episode 12, we see the play of ‘The Seven Wonders’ as each witch is up against each other in a dangerous list of challenges, to uncover the next Supreme. Who will be left standing, and how many heads will roll?

Episode 12 will see the return of Misty Day as Queenie uncovers a new skill to be able to travel back and forth to Hell. Cordelia will also have added strength and power as her power of second sight is restored when she gorged her own eyes out.

It seems no one is safe within the walls of the Coven anymore; each witch now seems to be looking out for themselves as we witness just how far they will each go to claim the Supremacy.