‘American Horror Story’ Spoilers: Episode 4 Re-Cap And What’s Ahead

Category: Media & Culture / Oct 31, 2013 4:14PM EDT

Episode 4 of ‘Coven’ the 3rd series from ‘American Horror Story’ was packed with terrifying punch as viewers got to re-visit the past and learn more about the witches and the future of the characters. From broken truces, flashbacks, death, and Spalding’s point of view, the show did not disappoint.

 Reporter Amanda Remling sat down with IBTimesTV to discuss the episode highlights and was able to give us insight into what is ahead for the rest of the season.

Flashbacks are used to show how Fiona came to be supreme in her younger years. It is also  learnt that Madison, who was killed after being suspected of being next in line, was not in fact the next supreme. With time ticking Fiona must uncover who it is that threatens her throne.

But is this the last viewers will see of Madison- creators have already hinted that the popular character will be featured in the next few episodes, but she won’t be alive.

If those twists and turns weren’t enough for you, the terrifying episode ended with the introduction of new threat-zombies.

Amanda discussed these highlights in detail while providing analyze on what it could mean for the season ahead. In addition Amanda shared with us her thoughts on the new supreme, and her money is on Zoe.