'American Horror Story' Spoilers As Franchise Gears Up For 4th Installment

Category: Media & Culture / Mar 07, 2014 9:30AM EDT

Having 'American Horror Sotry' withdrawls, since the season finale of 'Coven' well rest assure as the 4th installment will air on FX sometime in October just in time for Halloween. Dispelling the rumours and giving clues about the plot, characters and story is resident TV resporter Amanda Remling. In the first season the miniseries revolved around a haunted house, next we went to a mental asylum, and then there was a witches coven. While fanse are hoping that the next installment will be a circus, we know this is not happening. It will be a period piece set in the 1950's and the present day. Jessica Lange at this point in time is the only regular actor to be confirmed as part of the new series.