Amy Winehouse Album Sales Surge After Troubled Singer's Death

Category: Entertainment / Jul 27, 2011 11:30AM EDT
Amy Winehouse’s death surprised millions over the weekend, but her legacy lives on stronger than ever. The sales of Amy’s albums and singles, like the smash hit ‘Rehab,’ have skyrocketed since the death of the 27 year old British jazz and blues musician. The sales push has sent her second album, 2007’s Breakthrough Back to Black, into the #9 spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart this week, selling 37,000 copies. According to Nielsen SoundScan, Winehouse sold more albums in the past week than she did in the first six months of this year. Sales of Winehouse’s 2003 debut, Frank, were also up, reaching the #57 spot with nearly 8,000 in sales. Both Black and Frank sales were nearly all digital, with online purchases accounting for more than 95% of all Winehouse’s sales this week. Back to Black also topped iTunes and Amazon charts in the days following her death. Her radio airplay also increased by at least 170% The album sales surge is reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s passing in June of 2009, when fans around the world raced to buy his music after his death. The five time Grammy winner, and troubled singer, known for her erratic public behavior, arrests, and drug problems, was found dead in her London apartment Saturday. A memorial was set up outside her London home and friends and family, some sporting Amy’s famous bee hive hair doo, met for a private funeral service for Winehouse yesterday.