Angelina Jolie Has Double Mastectomy: ‘My Medical Choice’

Category: Media & Culture / May 14, 2013 8:29AM EDT


Learning from the death of her mother at the hands of cancer, Hollywood starlet Angelina Jolie has taken her health into her own hands by undergoing a preventative double mastectomy. The brave star made the difficult decision after learning that she herself carried what she describes as a “faulty gene”.

Her own mother died at the young age of 56 and she expressed in the New York Times her desire not to suffer the same early death.  The gene Jolie carried was the BRCA1 and her doctor had estimated that she had an 87% chance of breast cancer and a 50% chance of ovarian cancer.

Jolie is the fiancé of Brad Pitt and the mother of six children in addition she is a human right activist and an Oscar winner.  She described the preventative surgery to New York Times as ‘My Medical Choice’. Video Courtesy Of Reuters