Angelina Jolie Teams Up With UK To Visit Camp Talking Rape In War

Category: Society / Mar 26, 2013 9:45AM EDT
Hollywood actress and Special Envoy for the UN High Commissioner Angelina Jolie teamed up with British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Monday, in an unusual partnership for a good cause. The two spent time at a rescue camp for women to highlight the use of rape as a weapon of war. Jolie and Hague visited a camp just north west of Goma, set up by the International Rescue Committee (IRC), where they were shown ‘dignity kits’ given to women to help prevent sexual violence by reducing their need to leave camp. "Sexual violence in conflict has to be resolved if conflicts are going to be resolved. Because, of course, when rape is used as a weapon of war, it makes communities harder to bring together, and much harder for people to get on with their lives afterwards," he said. "So this has to be built in to our response, to our humanitarian response and it has to be built into the work of governments with big development programmes like ours, built into the work of the United Nations Security Council. So it's a huge agenda and that's what we are pursuing and that's what we are drawing attention to," he added. Jolie believes that while the scale of what was happening in the Congo was tragic and intimidating, there is still hope. "Well it's always daunting to see a mass of displaced people, but it's also very... you know they're a resilient, extraordinary group of people. The Congo is, often we speak about the dramas and the pain and the horrors of the Congo, but it's also a wonderful place with extraordinary people," she said. "I think the big message is it's not, you know this intiative started by the foreign secretary is an extraordinary thing, but what we're saying and what we're here to do is try to scale it up and make this a worldwide focus, and it's due time," she added. "It's been going on every war, every crisis and it's often an afterthought and it's due time to end and put an end to impunity and they deserve it," Jolie said. Jolie wrote and directed a movie, title ‘In The Land Of Blood And Honey’ in 2011 that covered stories of rape in war torn areas of Bosnia. Video Source: Reuters