Anti-Rape Underwear Created To Shock Attackers And Alert Police In India

Category: World / Apr 09, 2013 10:58AM EDT
Woman may soon be able to wear their best defense for rape comfortably under their pants, with anti-rape underwear. Three students from India have created GPS-equipped anti-rape underwear that not only shocks an attacker but alerts police of the attack. The engineering students explained their creation which could help the women in their country stay in control and protected in the wake of multiple sexual attacks: "We wanted to bring in a solution, an instant solution, punishment on the spot, so that it can be proved as a deterrent -- that the person who has tried to attempt rape on a girl should be shocked and should be terrified with that shock actually, so that he can never even dream of raping or touching a girl with an evil sense." "As soon as the criminal places his hand, he will get a shock of 3,800 kilovolts, voltage, and immediately he will be incapacitated and he even if he tries to get up and attack once more, we have a facility that will produce 82 times shock. So, definitely, that will be enough." Now the engineers are looking to various investors and corporations so the underwear can be mass produced. If successful the product has the potential to cater to women’s safety, more so than conventional methods of Tasers and sprays. Video Courtesy Of Reuters