Apple Does Well Online But Not In Taiwan

Category: Technology / Dec 28, 2013 8:54AM EDT

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Christmas was a great holiday for Apple fans - iOS accounted for a third of online traffic on Christmas Day, more than doubling Android’s 15% share. IBM has reported that Android was also outpaced in online sales - 5% compared to iOS’s 23%. Purchases made via mobile in general accounted for nearly a third of all holiday shopping this year.

Not everything is golden for Apple, though - the Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission has fined the Cupertino giant $666K for attempted price-fixing. Apple Asia is in hot water for dictating the selling prices that local mobile companies would charge for the new-to-China iPhone 5. This punishment only involves business in Taiwan, though the island is officially under the claim of mainland China.

In more positive news, a video game charity has raised over $10 million this week. “Gaming for Good,” a charity championed by celebrity gamer “Athene,” reached the milestone this week. Game publishers and developers donate copies of the games to Athene’s charity - the donated titles are “purchased” by the public with points that they accumulate by donating to the charity. Technically it’s not different from purchasing the games outright from a retailer since money is still involved, but the donations go straight to the charity instead of game publishers.

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