Archaeologists Discover Hundreds Of Prehistoric Rock Carvings In Mexico

Category: Technology / Jul 10, 2013 10:56AM EDT

Archeologists in Mexico have uncovered Stone Age rock carvings that are believed to be over 6,000 years old.

The big find, discovered in the White Desert of Coahuila, is one of the largest collections of prehistoric rock art, consisting of some 500 intricately carved rocks.

The rocks display a series of concentric circles, patterns and wavy lines that experts believe were etched by desert nomads.

The images reportedly depict animals and hunting habits of particular hunter-gatherer groups, shining a light onto the lifestyles and territorial boundaries of these ancient people.  

"For them the white-tailed deer was very important. On some parts here, further up, you can find the representations of white-tailed deer making it look as if it's walking. This probably came about because of a ritual where they intended to go after the deer in order to locate it. In fact the print have been drawn on a rock where you can have observe and have control over the valley," said archaeologist, Gerardo Rivas.

Archeologists have been searching the site since August and have also discovered cooking utensils such as hotplates and arrowheads.

Mexico’s prehistoric rock site is now open to the public who wish to know more about the sierra’s nomadic clans.

Video Credit: Reuters