Argentina Crowns New 2013 World Tango Champions

Category: Media & Culture / Aug 27, 2013 11:08AM EDT

Buenos Aires' Luna Park sizzled on Monday (August 26) as Argentina closed out the 2013 World Tango Championships of the Stage Tango final.

Argentine tango couple Maximiliano Cristiani and Jesica Arfenoni tangoed into first place after battling it out in the final with 37 other couples from around the world.

The winning couple received prize money of 40,000 Argentine pesos (7,000 USD).

Argentine couples also took home prizes for second and third places.

A record number of couples, 556 from 37 countries, competed in this year's annual competition in both the flashy stage style and the more traditional salon style contests.

And for the first time ever organizers invited same sex dance couples to compete in the World Championships which make up part of the larger Buenos Aires Tango Festival.

Judges scored the passionate performers on their technique, creativity and interpretation.

The 2013 festival and competition featured performances by dancers and tango musicians, workshops, classes, expositions, and tango dance halls which encourage spectators to join the fun.

Video Credit: Reuters