Ariel Castro Cheats Justice By Hanging Himself In His Cell

Category: Media & Culture / Sep 04, 2013 8:46AM EDT

33 days after being handed down a 1,000 year prison sentence for abducting raping and torturing three women for a decade, Ariel Castro killed himself: The man who has been painted by the media and the public as a vicious monster and sexual predator was found hanging in his prison cell at 9:20pm Tuesday.

After failed attempts to resuscitate him, Castro, 53 were pronounced dead 90 minutes after being found. Castro was taken into police custody after his three victims were freed from the prison he created in his home, by the help of some neighbors.

Castro pled guilty to 937 offenses, and reached a plea deal with the prosecutors which spared him the death penalty. Since August 5th Castro has been incarcerated at the Correctional Reception Center 150 miles southeast of Cleveland.

During his trail Castro apologized for his actions, but stated they were a direct reaction from a troubled childhood and a sexual obsession.

Castro’s suicide will now leave his victims and the world cheated from justice as he escaped through death life behind bars without the possibility of parole.



Video Courtesy Of Reuters