Arizona Birth Control Bill Allows Employers To Fire Women On The Pill Based On Religious Beliefs

Category: Politics / Mar 16, 2012 12:34PM EDT

A new controversial bill regarding birth control has been advanced in Arizona which would allow employers to fire women who take the pill to prevent pregnancy, rather than for health purposes, based on religious and moral beliefs.

Current US law states that birth control is covered under health insurance plans for women in Arizona for contraceptive purposes as well as health concerns. However, the new Arizona birth control bill, House Bill 2625, states that women who want their birth control to be covered by their insurance plans must verify its purpose to be solely for medical reasons and not to prevent pregnancy.

The bill would allow employers to deny female employees the right to be covered based on religious beliefs. The new bill was passed by Arizona's House of Representatives in early March and was endorsed by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday.

According to Arizona House Bill 2625, employers can refuse coverage for birth control for contraceptive, abortion or sterilization purposes, forcing women to submit a claim to prove medical conditions which require treatment for birth control.

The bill would force employees to show their employers their medical records and also grant employers the right to deny health insurance coverage, forcing women to pay full price for their prescriptions.

The American Civil Liberties Union has started a petition against the Arizona House Bill saying it is discriminatory and must be abolished.