The Art Of The Perfect Catwalk Strut At NYFW

Category: Fashion / Feb 13, 2013 3:47PM EDT
For some it looks easy enough, how hard could it be just to walk down the run way? But there is a technique to mastering the perfect strut. For a model the walk can make or break a career. Runway coach Mac Folkes was there to guide the models at Betsy Johnson’s show for Fall at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: "We have to deal with her posture. We have to deal with the way that she puts her feet down on the floor, the rhythm in which she walks, how she stops and poses. And the hardest thing that I have to get out of her is a sense of who she is." For the model getting it right is often a daunting task: "There's a lot of nerves, so at first you're just like don't fall, don't slip, don't trip, you know. That's kind of going through your head a lot, but I don't know. I just try and feel, like, really confident, you know. And like sometimes when I'm on the runway, you think of Karlie Kloss and those top models and you're like, yeah I can do it, you know. You kind of pump yourself up like that."