Artic Chill Spreads Over The U.S: Americans Wake To Coldest Morning In Decades

Category: Media & Culture / Jan 07, 2014 8:41AM EDT

More than half the nation woke up today shivering from the deep freeze that has spread across the nation as part of the ‘polar vortex’.  The weather has been described by experts as dangerous, as many regions of the country brace for record lows. Experts now believe 187 million people have felt the brunt of the ‘vortex’ and its icy winds.

The wind chill which can feel like 40-below in some areas is a real threat and can cause frostbite. Clothing has been advised as the best form of protection against this and hypothermia.  You should not leave your house without proper layers, gloves, a hat and suitable shoes.

From the cold there have been 15 related deaths, 11 of which were traffic accidents. Thousands of flights have been cancelled, as travel disruption by way of cars, flights, trains and buses, is felt around most parts of the country today.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters