Australian Faces The Possibility Of The Death Penalty In Malaysia

Category: World / Dec 03, 2012 4:41PM EDT
An Australian man who was detained in Malaysia for drug trafficking attended his first hearing in Kuala Lumpur's high court on Monday (December 3). If convicted, he could face a death sentence. Dominic Jude Bird was charged with possession of 167.8 grams of methamphetamine after being arrested by police in a café located in Kuala Lumpur downtown in March. On Monday, his father and sister, along with officials from Australian High Commission in Malaysia attended the court hearing. They declined to make any comments. In Monday's hearing, three policemen who were present when Bird was arrested testified, along with a chemist who tested the drugs. In Malaysia, anyone charged with carrying over 50 grams of drugs is considered as a drug trafficker and could face capital punishment. The hearing is expected to end on Friday (December 7).