Austrian Kidnap Survivor’s Story Told In New Film

Category: Society / Feb 27, 2013 11:48AM EDT
A new film based on the story of Austrian kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch premiered in Munich on Tuesday. She herself attended the film’s premiere, and posed with the actresses that played her in the film. Antonia Campbell-Hughes who plays Kampusch in the film commented on why it was important to make this movie: "When individuals are brave enough to try and speak and be clear about an opinion or something that happened that isn't clear-cut, black and white, to what sits comfortably in the moral spectrum, people react negatively to it. And you know of course there's always a question of whether this was a film that should be made and I thought it absolutely should because it's trying to get across the voice of a woman who was brave enough to speak her mind in the beginning, from coming from a very weak place. The film depicts the horrifying truth of the young girl who was held captive for 8 long years in a celler beneath the captors house, until she escaped in 2006. The film is called “3,096 Days” and its based on Kampusch’s autiobiography. Kampusch appeared at the premiere composed and strong, as her brave story of cruelty and survival is told on film. Video Courtesy Of Reuters