Baby Born With Heart Outside Of Body Survives Surgery

Category: Society / Jan 25, 2013 3:12PM EDT
A three month old Texas baby finally got to leave the team of doctors and the hospital behind, following a successful surgery. Baby Audrina was born with a heart defect called ectopia cordis: one third of her heart is outside of her body. This is rare and often fatal. Audrina’s mother, Ashley Cardenas found out when she was 16 weeks pregnant. Audrina was born on October 15th and since then has been hooked up to hospital machines for an open heart surgery. Doctor’s at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston operated for six months on the newborn, creating a cavity to fit her tiny, beating heart and then covering it with skin from other parts of her body. Little Audrina’s survival in many ways is a miracle and she is making positive progress every day. Doctors say they hope to perform reconstructive surgery to give her a sternum when she’s older. Cardenas commented on the surgery: "As far as them fixing her chest wall that would just depend on how big and how strong she gets within time. They will actually take part of her rib bones to perform some type of protection over her heart that will eventually grow with her but all that depends on how big and strong she grows before they'll decide on doing surgery, plastic surgery for that." For now baby Audrina must wear a protective shield around her chest that will protect her heart as she continues to grow.