Baby Hippo Becomes Star Resident Of Zoo

Category: Society / Nov 19, 2012 11:01AM EDT
Belgrade Zoo has a new star resident, a hippo baby, born on Saturday (November 17). Weighing in at 40 kilos, the new calf will remain nameless until the zoo's team have managed to work out its gender. The baby hippo’s gender is still unknown. This comes because the baby’s mother is very protective of its young. Both hippos are in the zoo's winter quarters, with mother Julka doing all she can to protect her offspring from the world. When zoo keepers cleaned the water of the winter pool, the mother immediately dirtied the enclosure and water to keep the calf better hidden. While the mother is in such a protective mood the male hippo, Nidza, has been moved to a different enclosure. The family will be reunited in a couple of weeks.