Baby Koalas Receive Clear Bill Of Health

Category: Society / Mar 15, 2012 9:44AM EDT

A series of x-rays and tests were conducted on the baby koalas that are less than a year old. The two youngsters named Thackery and Milo were born in the zoo and it was the first time they were away from their mother.So this morning, at the San Diego Zoo, we did exams on two of our baby Joey koalas, it's the first exam that they get at seven to eight months, and they both look fantastic.It was a little bit of a shock for these guys, it's the first time that they really had an extended period away from their mother, and typically the keepers will weigh them once a week, but it's a very short procedure for that.The San Diego Zoo's Koala colony is the largest group of this species outside of Australia