Baby On A Plane: Woman Gives Birth On Armenian Airline

Category: Society / Jan 14, 2013 2:49PM EDT
A baby girl was born on Saturday (January 12) onboard a plane flying from Russia to the Armenian capital. A senior flight attendant from the Armenian airline assisted the woman during a delivery. "I noticed her going towards the seats near the rear of the plane. I did not hesitate and was not ashamed and followed her to the toilet. I opened the door and told her that I was there to help her and that she should not be embarrassed if she felt unwell," said Hasmik Gevondyan, senior flight attendant on plane flying from Russian Novosibirsk to Yerevan. After the plane landed at Yerevan airport both mother and baby were taken by ambulance to a maternity hospital. The mother said she was so grateful to the flight attendant and EMT for their help, she decided to name her new-born daughter after them - luckily both had the same name. "The person who brought me here and the flight attendant said their name was Hasmik and I called her Hasmik in honor of them," said Armine Babayan. Doctors say both mother and daughter are doing fine.