Baby Survives Being Thrown Out Of Car After Horrific Car Crash

Category: World / Jan 24, 2013 8:49AM EDT
A video of survival has become an internet sensation: Amateur video shot in Russia shows a small baby girl miraculously surviving a horrible car crash in which she was thrown out of the car window to on passing traffic. The video shows a car smashing into the truck about 300 miles east of Moscow. Then the baby girl wrapped in a blanket was violently flung in front of traffic on the opposite lane. In a narrow escape an oncoming truck avoids to run over the little girl, who is on all fours. Her father then rushes out of the car to snatch her before being hit: The mother is then seen rushing to pick up the baby blanket and her handbag. Authorities later said that the one year old baby girl was not in the child seat but was simply lying across the cars back seat.