Banging Hair: How Celebrities Continue To Weave The Hair Trends

Category: Media & Culture / Jul 26, 2013 11:03AM EDT

There is no doubt that the power of celebrity is all around us: They influence what we eat, what movies we see, what clothes we buy and the way we cut, style, color our hair. Hollywood starlets our are way of looking into the world of glamor, fame and a life which so many of us desire so it’s no wonder why we want to emulate their style.

Celebrities can build a brand by their hair, take for instance the “Rachel” the popular cut that was in high demand when Jennifer Anniston cut her locks for her role as Rachel in the hit show ‘Friends’. But also their hair has the power to make headlines, simply by cutting a fringe, as explained by stylist to the stars Ted Gibson:

"Well in Hollywood right now some of the women that are wearing the best bangs are Kim KardashianKerry Washington, Beyonce, Emma Stone. But we all know that the First Lady wore them the best. I know she's not in Hollywood, but she wore them the best."

While the fringe is hot right now stylists reveal that extensions are an easy way for stars and everyday women to change their locks, simply by adding more. A more inexpensive option is even clip-ins which is fast and easy:

"I think celebrities like busy women in general opt for extension because sometimes you don't have time. You just don't have time. And it's damaging on your hair if you're constantly curling your hair, constantly flat ironing, you know, putting heat in your hair, it can be very damaging."

Short, long, curly, straight, blonde or brunette, stars have the power to change what it is we love about hair. The important thing to remember is just because Natalie Portman can pull off having a shaved head doesn’t mean it will suit you- before you follow the trends follow first what suits you.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters