Banned Portrait Of Queen Elizabeth II Goes On Display

Category: Society / Jan 23, 2013 1:33PM EDT
For the first time in 61 years, a banned portrait of Queen Elizabeth II has been put on display. But why was the portrait banned? It was banished from Liverpool town hall as the painting lacked a likeness to the Queen with an unusually long neck. The artwork was painted by John Napper in 1952: He himself described the painting as “a beautiful painting of a Queen but not this Queen”. The city’s deputy Lord Mayor, Gary Millar, defended the portrait saying: "Many hundreds of years, artists have never quite got the likeness of people right. Never have - unless you're using photography. This man, John Napper, had one sitting with the Queen and did this painting. And the only thing that's wrong with it is -- do you know what, I wasn't born 61 years ago so I've no idea whether it was a true likeness or not. It's not badly painted, the perspective might not be perfect with the long neck but it was painted as if you were below it looking up so the perspective would have been different so it wouldn't have looked as long." The public unveiling of the work comes a week after the first official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge