Barback To Bar Owner: Nightlife Mogul Ric Addison Dishes On Success In Hospitality

Category: Media & Culture / Nov 25, 2013 5:02PM EDT
Ric Addison is the owner of the Addison Hospitality Group and runs four successful venues in NYC. His career began 25 years ago, and he has seen the industry change and as a result has had to quickly adapt to maintain a stable list of clients. 
Running AVA Lounge for over 10 years has been a highlight for the mogul, and he did it by providing what he describes as “the white glove service without the white gloves”. In his world the customer comes first, and he tries to straddle that line of providing the customer with what they want while still making a profit.
The secret to his success is working hard. Addison confirms that yes it always does pay off. Sitting at his latest venue the Monarch Rooftop Lounge Addison discussed these career highlights and challenges.
With social trends, economics, and the weather constantly changing, a bar needs to stay ahead of the pack, and evolve with the consumers. For Addison it’s about maintain a core clientele, while still being able to recruit new faces.
As the temperature continues to drop, Addison shared with us the signature winter drink of the Monarch which is an organic hot chocolate infused with liquor. He also gave aspiring entrepreneurs some words of advice but remained tight lipped about the companies plan to expand their growing presence in the NYC nightlife space.