Barbie Themed Cafe Opens Its Playful Doors

Category: World / Jan 30, 2013 8:39AM EDT
Barbie lovers united, as the doll themed cafe opened its doors in downtown Taipei on Wednesday. This is the first Barbie cafe that has been authorized by Mattel after many years of planning. But the novelty cafe did not come cheap: The construction cost 50 million Taiwan dollars, which is over $1.6 million USD. Walking into the cafe visitors can expect to see Barbie pictures throughout the 7104 square feet space. Customers can indulge in Barbie decorated desserts whilst sitting on corset chairs with tutus. Each dessert is labeled with the amount of calories so fans of the blonde doll can stay healthy. The dreamy cafe boasts lunch, afternoon tea and dinner with the average meal costing $10 USD. Video Courtesy Of Reuters