Becoming Shark-Proof? Innovative Wet-Suit Made To Confuse The Predator

Category: Technology / Jul 25, 2013 11:34AM EDT

Scientists and designers have collaborated in a unique wet-suit innovation that aims to confuse the shark and make you the swimmer inedible. The creative concept has been launched in Western Australia, where surfers are under a constant fear and threat of sharks.

The wet-suit confuses the shark’s senses and the swimmer becomes invisible to its deadly gaze.  Hamish Jolly revealed the strategy behind the suit:

"The strategies are two fold. One is a 'can’t see me' strategy, cryptic in the water, and the other one is a 'can see me but don’t eat me' strategy, the idea being that even though you are perceived, you are not perceived as a meal."

While the results of the suit are remarkable the company acknowledges that it’s not bullet proof and can’t guarantee 100% protection. But the development is heading in the right direction to make surfers and swimmers safer, particularly in parts of the world like Australia and South Africa where the population of sharks is higher than other parts of the world.

In terms of future direction company hopes to develop a wide range of water sport products for all over the world, and continue to fine tune their research and development.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters