Belgian Chocolate Maker Creates Unique Heart-Shaped Sweet Treats

Category: Society / Feb 14, 2013 3:36PM EDT
Valentine's day means a day of hard work in Brussels' Sablon district, a square renowned by locals and visitors alike for having a chocolate maker on each corner. For most customers visiting the chocolate shop, to them, Valentine’s Day means chocolate. Chocolatiers are a popular tourist attraction for many international visitors to the Belgian capital but with more and more people buying chocolate on Valentine's day in Brussels, chocolate makers must find new twists on a four-decade long tradition. The shop owner, Myriam Wittamer, said she wanted to come up with something special for this year's Valentine's Day -- a "feeling-themed" collection including black ganache chocolates with a raspberry filling, milk chocolate with passion fruit and dark chocolate with vanilla. Wittamer's grandfather Henry Wittamer founded the company in 1910 just before the creation of the first praline in Brussels in 1912. Video Source: Reuters